jueves, 2 de agosto de 2012

No need to fear what you can't avoid.

You exist for me. 
You exist for him. 
You exist for every single human being. 
And I just can't stop you 
I can't help you to make happy everyone else as you make me. 
Because I know what is not having you by my side. 
Even though, I feel cheated. 
But that really doesn't matter. 
Because you've never been mine. 
And you never will... 
I just realize that 
You travel all around the world In the same moment that we are together 
But, we don't need to fear what we can't avoid. 
Among everything, I need you so much. 
You've always been there since eight, nine, ten 
Since always 
And I just want to ask you something 
Something I hope you accept. 
Would you stay with me forever? 
 Making me smile when nobody can 
Making me cry in the most improper moment 
Also, making me cry in front of everyone. 
But, would you stay with me forever?
 Making me think about what happened 
About situations. 
Although, about life. 
Besides all, I want to thank you for many things. 
For never letting me down. 
For every single moment you were and you will be there. 
For exist. 
For everything. 
And now, I know that... 
I've got you to make me feel better 
And that I'll be ok if I hear you again, dear music.

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